50 Prompts with an Elemental Twist

Now I have two things to figure out in this thing

50 Elemental Prompts
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Yes, Yes, /another/ 50_themes community. I know how sick of those everyone must be. Hopefully though the little twist in this one will make it a bit worth your interest in checking us out.

What is this twist I'm talking about you may ask? Why it's that depending on what prompt table you are using all fifty works must include the element that the theme table is named after!

How This Works:

As many of you’ve noticed, who have looked at the Themes List, The name of each set, as well as the number ten spot in each set is taken up by an element. What this means is that, aside from the freebie we gave you as number ten, for each of your claim you must not only use the prompt in someway in your writing or drawing, but also have that element present.

That doesn’t mean it has to be a blatant statement of the element. Let’s take water for example I could integrate it in by just mentioning a character drinking a glass of it, or how someone’s movements flowed fluidly. As long as in some aspect the element of your set must be present in each work.

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